Jan. 13th, 2010

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I've been watching The Little Mermaid, while on the internets, for about less than two days straight now and I've noticed new things about the movie each time I watch it.

A few play movies ago, I've noticed that during the 'Kiss the Girl' scene, Eric was able to hear and understand the animals. Including when Sebastian told him Ariel's name when he kept guessing it wrong. Normally, I wouldn't question this since it is a Disney movie, but I remember in the second movie, Melody (Ariel's daughter) was getting made fun of because she talks to crabs and fishes, which makes me think that 'normal people' (one's who don't have merblood, obviously) cannot talk to animals. AND THE SEQUEL COUNTS, K.

But anyways. Those are my thoughts at the moment. Just wanted to post them.
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I saw Sherlock Holmes the other day with my cousin. I just wanted to say, that I have never found Robert Downey Jr. to be so yummy before.

Oh, and excellent movie. Acting was amazing. Definitely buying.

That is all.
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I like to do things to keep my mind off the the negative things in life that cause stress.

Like play video games.

I remember when I first played Final Fantasy XII, I got a total of zero game overs. I did pretty good, I think. Then I wanted to refresh my memory a bit, so I started a new game. I've got countless game overs already and I find it quite strange how that even works out. Does this happen to anyone else?
Having played the game before, I of course know what to expect, so maybe that gives me the idea that I'll know what to do so I get careless? I dunno.

Anyway, I hate the part I'm at right now. This stone demon thing pushes me toward a wall and I have to kill it before it squishes me. Gosh, that's terrifying. It doesn't show my characters being squished, but the camera goes to the other side of the wall and you can hear the demon slam them all against it. It's scary. I feel like I personally know these characters or something, and there they are just getting slammed against walls.
I can't sleep at night anymore.


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